Galatea’s First Putti


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Galatea’s First Putti

Will Teather

Oil on Canvas

60 x 90 cm

Galatea’s First Putti by Will Teather is part of his Fractal Paintings series (2017 – 2020). This series explores the new compositions which reinterpret the principles of sacred geometry within visual art. It addresses how they create complex patterns based upon the underlying structure of representational images. And thus, revealing perhaps a divine form within the natural world.

Will Teather explains:

“These lattices reference both postmodern pixilation within painting, as influenced by digital culture, and the longstanding idea of an underlying order within both visual art and our wider perception of reality. They are also informed by the obsessive exploration of geometric patterns by the outsider painter Eugene Andolsek and the automated techniques of Sol Lewitt, who would pass instructions onto assistants who then created his drawings.”

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