Backstage At The Hippodrome


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Backstage At The Hippodrome

Will Teather

Pastel on Panel

68 x 128 cm Framed

Backstage At The Hippodrome by Will teather from his ongoing project dedicated to the character of Maudeline Spacks.

Maudeline Spacks was a vanishing artist and femme fetale active in the early noughties. Maudeline’s tour de force was a duel show at the Sydney Opera House and the Royal Opera House London, where she performed in both venues at the same time. A video link up broadcast the concurrent shows in real-time to each venue. During the course of her Magnus Opus, Maud became lost in transit somewhere between London and Sydney, never to be seen again. There is speculation that there was one further siting of Maud, a few hours after the performance, outside a house in Pimlico talking to a man in a dark fedora hat. The man fits the description of Andrew Plummer, a singer and lead vocalist of World Sanguine.

Plummer was infatuated by Maud, like most people who met her, and reportedly heartbroken when his advances were refused during rehearsals. Will Teather met Plummer when he was commissioned to paint the stage set and publicity images for Maud’s performance, for which Plummer was one of the support acts. In hindsight, the paintings seem to have foreseen Maud being kidnapped by Plummer and becoming trapped in an interstice, a sort of lacuna, where she becomes ”Schroedinger’s cat,” so to speak. A vanishing artist who has vanished forever, she is both dead and alive at the same time, something that is meditated upon in many of Teather’s new large-scale paintings, populated by moths and other symbols of transformation.

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