Extra Small Poppy Platter


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Extra Small Poppy Platter

Peter Layton


24 x 6 cm


Extra Small Poppy Platter is an original and artfully finished glasswork by the accomplished artist Peter Layton. This is a decorative glass plate which can be displayed free standing or mounted to the wall. The piece comes with a bespoke wall bracket and fittings. Peter Layton excels himself with each piece he creates and this exquisite object is no exception. It will make a brilliant addition to any interior décor or a thoughtful gift for someone special.

As one of the worlds most respected glass artists, Peter Layton has done more to promote glass making as an art form than anyone else in Europe. He describes glass as ‘extraordinarily seductive’, and explains that every piece is an adventure. Renowned for his creativity and strong use of colour, Peter shares many of the attributes of hot glass itself; spontaneity, an aversion to conforming and the ability to produce something magical at any moment. Peter strives to create loose and expressive pieces. Rather than trying to forge the hot glass, he allows it to evolve – choosing to embrace, rather than overcome, the uncertainty that it always brings.

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