Evening Light, Aldeburgh Beach


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Medium : Silk Screen Print, Ltd. Ed of 40.

Evening Light, Aldeburgh Beach Ltd. Ed. of 40 by Martin Laurance. In a vibrant colour palette of primary reds, blues and yellows.

Martin is drawn to the eroding coast, where the beaches and cliffs are constantly moving, disappearing and re-appearing. Martin walks and draw using sketchbooks and loose pieces of paper to record sensations, colours, structure and form. Many of these locations are very well known and have been walked over and drawn many times, over a period of years and in differing seasons.

Back in the studio he uses this raw material to create work that is true to the sum of his experience and sensations. He works in a variety of mixed media; oil, acrylic, collage, ink, watercolour and gouache, either on their own or in various combinations on paper and canvas. There is no set formula for any piece of work, the choice of materials used and the size is driven solely by what is right for a particular piece.

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