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Measurements: 38 x 65 cm

Medium: Bronze and Resin

Omi-Polone is a cold-cast bronze resin sculpture by Mark Mann. The title of the piece, Omi-Polone is British gay slang for an effeminate gay man: ‘omi’ meaning man, ‘polone’ meaning woman. This sculpture is cast and set on an Italian marble base.

Cold-Casting describes the process of mixing metal powder with resin to create castings that give the appearance of solid metal. The metal cold-cast process (also known as bonded bronze) is faster and much less expensive, complicated and heavy when compared with the casting of molten metal (lost wax process) in a foundry.

Norwich based artist Mark Mann is the designer behind In-Decent Interiors. Mark Mann creates statement ceramics, prints, wall coverings and upholstery fabrics which fuse art, craftsmanship and luxury to create interiors which tell stories. Mark was the winner of Gallery in the Lanes’ Emerging Artist award as part of Norwich Castle Museum and Gallery in the Lanes’ Inheritance exhibition.

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