Bugs Paperweight


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Bugs Paperweight

Oswaldo Merchor

Marble Stone Powder and Resin

Bugs marble stone powder and resin paperweight by Oswaldo Merchor.

The designs of Oswaldo Merchor’s paperweights are based upon the disappearing Peruvian rainforest and life in the high Andes. The scenes portrayed in the paperweights were originally carved in gourds. A mould of the carved gourd is made by Oswaldo and then used to cast the paperweight. They are cast in a mixture of marble stone powder and resin. The surface design is exposed by the application of black or coloured ink.

Born in Peru, Oswaldo has lived in Great Britain since 1968. From the outset he was delighted to discover the love and respect that the British people held for wildlife and this was of great encouragement for him to pursue his passion for the creation of sculpture. Oswaldo has lived on the Norfolk coast for the past 50 years. Completely self taught in technique and design, his main sculptural subject is birds. Long periods of time go into the research and study of each new project ensuring that each piece is a skilfully crafted work of art cast mainly in bronze.

Medium: Marble stone powder and resin

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