Things Fall Apart


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Dimensions: 38 x 38 cm

Medium: Encaustic Wax

Things Fall Apart: Blue and Orange, encaustic wax painting in white box frame by Deborah Larne. Encaustic paint is made from a combination of pigment, beeswax and a small amount of hardener to keep it solid at room temperature.

Of her work, Deborah says:

‘The work I produce has developed from my connections with both conceptual and actual places. On reflection, my life appears to have followed a path concerned primarily with making the insignificant, significant. I am interested in observing and recording, in an intuitive way, my impressions of the world. I feel as though my work is a reflection of an adventure. I want to journey beyond the obvious, the first impression and question my own and others assumptions about what we perceive as reality.’

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