On the Lookout (Variable Edition 2/20)


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Dimension: 58 x 58 cm. Oak Framed size 58 x 58 cm

Medium: Collagraph Print

On the Lookout by Carol Nunan. Carol likes to work with silhouettes and this image came into her head after a particularly spectacular full moon up on Hadrian’s Wall coupled with the fact that she often hears owls in the woods outside her house at certain times of the year.

Carol is equally fascinated by the process of making a collagraph print. She often spend as long deciding what materials to use to achieve certain effects as she does coming up with the original idea. In this instance Carol wanted to try out a technique she saw on another printmaker’s website using Polyfiller spread onto fabric (cotton and scrim) which Carol scrunched up when dry to get a crackled glaze effect. In the end Carol had to also use aluminium tape over the top because it was too crumbly.

The owl on the branch is a separate plate with one colour rolled over the surface and printed on top of the main plate.


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