Half Boat Rack


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Half Boat Rack

Boat Furniture

Reclaimed Wood

55 x 45 cm, 215 cm height

This range of unique recycled furniture is of exceptional quality, eco-friendly and nautical themed. These benches are built from no longer seaworthy fishing boats by master craftsmen using time honoured traditional building techniques and locally sourced materials.

“I have a passion for the sea, for design, and for doing my part to help our ailing planet. I have been buying fishing boats and creating beautiful pieces of furniture from them for over twenty years. I began with shelving, pintus, wine racks, and sofas. Hunting the broken boats was not only a profession – it was a passion. I loved everything about the process; the search, the travel, the villages, and the people, who were often perplexed as to why I wanted to buy their old boats!” – Designer, Kurt Eichorn


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