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Tara Lucy: Murmurations

11 September – 2 October 2021

A collection of new and original watercolour and ink bird drawings by Norwich-based artist Tara Lucy.

“In the past year or so I’ve had an increasing feeling of wanderlust, and with this sentiment I’ve been looking towards the skies and longingly observing the birds on their travels. These incredibly intuitive creatures are the best indicators to the health of the world around us.”  

Lisa Almond

13 February – 1 March 2021

Wishing to convey a feeling of peace while exploring colour and movement, Lisa gives the observer an insight into the process through which the pieces were created.

Malca Schotten: Norfolk Landscapes

22 August – 11 September 2019

A showcase of new drawings. Malca’s work is organic and fluid, with an emphasis on mark-making and the importance of line and texture. Her dynamic and dramatic landscapes are filled with movement while her animal studies capture the personality and energy of her subjects.

Deborah Larne: Coast & Creeks

26 July –16 August 2019

A showcase of landscape paintings. Deborah’s inspiration for this exhibition was the landscapes of Norfolk. She spoke of the vast skies and beautiful light, which challenged her ability to present the natural qualities that are uniquely Norfolk. 

Mark Mann: Mann Up

18 July – 7 August 2019

The first solo exhibition by the Norwich-based artist and designer behind In-Decent Interiors. Mark creates statement wall-coverings and upholstery fabrics that fuse art, craft and luxury to create interiors that tell stories.

Ruth Bunnewell: A Broad Perspective

27 June – 18 July 2019

A showcase of new landscape paintings by Norfolk based artist Ruth Bunnewell. Ruth’s paintings are alive with vivid colour and energy, each piece taking the viewer to the moment of walking through nature, of being under a canopy of trees or looking to the distant horizon.

Kjell Engman: Journey of Dreams

18 May – 28 June 2019

Figurative, fantastical and frequently witty, Kjell’s stunning blown glass art works reflect his love of music and the natural world. He has designed for Kosta Boda, one of the world’s leading brands of glassware and art glass, since 1978, and his work is avidly collected by fans around the world.

Lisa Almond: Contemporary Landscape Paintings

1–21 November 2018

Showcasing a collection of atmospheric and elegant artworks evoking the drama of the natural world. Lisa’s style conveys a feeling of peace through exploration of colour and movement – using tissue paper as a textural medium, adding layers of paints then scraping to expose underlying colours.

Light, Life and Landscape

215 August 2018

An eclectic exhibition of paintings, drawings, sculpture and glass, by artists Kate Elgood, Lyn Ravenhill, Mary Richardson and Chris White. 

Alfie Carpenter: Lightscapes

5–18 July 2018

A showcase of new mixed media landscapepaintings. Filled with light and colour, these impressive and richly textural paintings of East Anglia combine linear streaks with splattered paint to add energy and a sense of movement to each composition. 

Keving Turton: A Retrospective of Reinventions

13 April – 3 May 2018

A three-week exhibition showcasing the work of prolific North Norfolk artist Kevin Turton. Kevin has a distinctive abstracted style that encompasses the physical elements of nature. He takes inspiration from the wild North Norfolk coast and its wider landscapes. 

Seven Sudbury Artists

7 – 20 December 2017

A unique display of contemporary glass art, ceramics, paintings, original prints, textiles and sculpture. The show included artwork by Clare Kiely, Judith Glover, Marnie Deakins, Rebecca Mansbridge, Anne Townshend, Anna Boon, and Roger Duke.

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