Stand in front of one of Keith Nash’s watercolour seascapes for just a few seconds, and it quickly becomes apparent that the quiet drama of the North Norfolk coast dominates his work.  “I live just a ten-minute drive away,” he explains, “which means that I can jump in my car and be walking through salt marshes and beaches in no time at all.”
(Pictured above: detail from ‘Midwinter’)

“The enormous Norfolk skies are inspirational; they make up about eighty per cent of my paintings,” he says. “The light reflecting through salt marshes pins the sky to the foreground, to make a complete picture that draws in the viewer – well, when I get it right!” He draws inspiration from those who’ve shared our collective fascination with this unique terrain: “Edward Seago; William Turner, in his later years; and Hugh Brandon Cox – a master of effortless masterpieces.”

portrait of Keith Nash
Keith Nash
When it comes to capturing the ever-changing environment of Norfolk beaches, with different weather and light transforming land and sea alike, Keith believes there’s no better medium than watercolours.

“They’re just magical; truly, less is more. The less you try and control them, the better the painting gets. I’ve always liked them because no other medium paints itself like that.”

Originally working in environmental engineering, Keith achieved his goal of painting full time as the popularity of his work grew – and he’s since enjoyed highlights such as having his own gallery, selling his work in the USA, and selling through major department stores such as Jarrold and John Lewis.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with watercolours,” he says, “but as the years progressed I found friends and others wanted to buy them. This prompted me to try selling through galleries, and I haven’t looked back.”
Norfolk seascape by Keith Nash
Swing Low III

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