Tide + Emotional is a stunning new contemporary art exhibition featuring the work of over 15 local artists. Organised by The North Norfolk Organisation for Visual Arts (NOVA), the exhibition will run from the 30 September – 13 October at the Riverside Art and Glass in Wroxham.

‘Tides’ describe both the currents of the sea and stirrings of emotion, and as such is a universal and timeless theme for North Norfolk and Broads artists.

Whilst ordinarily we have little time for truly contemplating the meaning of what we look at, this exhibition encourages us to stop and ask questions such as ‘What emotions do artists express when they create art?’ and ‘Do they create happiness?’ Shane @arteesane, one of NOVA’S artists explains;

‘When large swathes of people are flinging exaggerated emotions into comment boxes on social media sites the world over, does a gallery – and an artist – create a space to gather those emotions in a slower and more thoughtful situation; a framed box that’s then placed on a wall while the tides and time changes?’

This fascinating exhibition asks artists to express their emotions through their chosen medium; oil, acrylic, collage, mixed media and print. Riverside Art & Glass is open Monday to Saturday 9.30 am to 5.30 pm, and Sunday 11 am to 4 pm.