Seven Sudbury Artists

Seven Sudbury Artists will be taking part in their first group exhibition here at The Annexe from 7 to 20 December 2017. The exhibition will showcase a unique display of contemporary glass art, ceramics, paintings, original prints, textiles and sculpture.

Show highlights will include the gossamer softness of Clare Kiely’s textiles, all spun, woven or felted by hand with fleece gathered from Norman, Clement and Fergus, her own home-reared alpacas!

There are breathtakingly soft pastels and delicate florals by Judith Glover, sensitive, abstract oil paintings and organic ceramics by Marnie Deakins and Rebecca Mansbridge’s skilfully crafted, fused glass artworks in bright, jewel-like colours.

Anne Townshend’s atmospheric landscape prints are inspired by the Suffolk countryside and Anna Boon’s work moves between graceful, often hauntingly introspective sculptures that explore the beauty of the human body and dynamically energetic paintings.

In contrast, Roger Duke’s graphic stoneware-fired vases and plaques inhabit a space somewhere between pottery and painting.

About the Artists

Anna Boon

Anna Boon’s work moves between painting and sculpture. Underlying both is a need to explore colour, texture and the figurative form. Within sculpture she has found a method of using mundane, recycled fabrics that can be layered and hardened to replicate bronze and stone. The resulting sculptures capture the ethereal beauty, fluidity and movement of the human figure.

Anna Boon Sculpture

Marnie Deakins

Marnie Deakins trained in graphic design at the University of Southern California and subsequently worked in the publishing industry in Los Angeles and London. She has lived in Suffolk for 30 years where her practice now moves between hand-built ceramics and painting with oils and mixed media. Light and a sense of narrative in the landscape motivate her work. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 she was artist in residence at the Steeple, Newburgh, Fife.

Marnie Deakins

Roger Duke

Roger Duke’s vases and plaques are hand-built and stoneware fired. At present, he has a fascination for the graphic quality of white on dark clay and vice-versa, combined with incised lines, texture and colour washes. He feels his work inhabits a space somewhere between pottery and painting. Inspiration comes from the meeting point of physical clay and the demands of his mind’s-eye. He is a Selected Member of Anglian Potters and belongs to the Suffolk Craft Society.

Roger Duke Stoneware Vase

Judith Glover

Judith Glover’s practice moves between painting, portraiture and illustration so you could describe her a multi-disciplinary artist. Gardening is in her DNA so plants and flowers often feature, as does the human face and form. Her career as a professional illustrator now leads to larger works, often made with pastels. Underlying all her art, whatever the medium, is her ever-present commitment to drawing and aim to further develop her creative voice.

Judith Glover Flower

Clare Kieley

Clare Kieley’s work is inspired by the gentle beauty of her three alpacas and the glorious softness of their fleece. In a world that is obsessed with speed, her art is slow and sustainable, using the natural colours of the alpacas and spinning, weaving and felting by hand. The simple forms and designs focus attention on the materiality of the objects and she often uses ancient symbols such as spirals and runes representing deeper fundamental truths.

Clare Kieley Alpaca pot

Rebecca Mansbridge

Rebecca Mansbridge is an established artist inspired by the colours and textures of the natural world to create multi-dimensional and free standing fused glass artworks that capture the tranquility and beauty of nature. Her creative process involves studying and then interpreting her chosen subject matter before working through the technical process required to achieve the depth and exquisite detail she aspires to. This can involve up to four layers of fused glass and the addition of countless intricate details before the firing process can begin.

Rebecca Mansbridge Glass

Anne Townsend

Anne Townsend draws most of her inspiration from the beautiful Suffolk countryside, and she always carries a small sketchbook to record what she sees and feels. Then back in the studio marks are summarised, refined and carved into lino blocks from which she hand-prints her finished images.

Anne Townsend Boat