Living in rural east Suffolk, surrounded by an undramatic, hardworking agricultural landscape, Ruth McCabe uses her work to pick up the colours, forms and changing seasonal moods around her. Ruth wonders at its beauty in all seasons and weathers, and enjoys using oils, watercolour and acrylic paints to express some of what she feels.  Granddaughter of a Yorkshire farmer and horse breeder, Ruth loves the landscape and the animals it supports: the fluid Brown Hare, rounded sheep, cheeky pigs and the beautiful craggy weight of cows. Her work often returns to these subjects for the sheer pleasure of painting their line, form and movement. In recent years Ruth has pushed the medium of watercolour towards abstraction, using loosely applied transparent glazes, to express her connection to the colours and forms in the landscape.

She has recently entered into ‘The Landscape Artist of the Year’ competition on Sky Arts, which is televised on Tuesday 11th October 2016, featuring Ruth, who painted at Stowe House in Buckinghamshire for the show.

‘I would say that my work reflects the “grace of the ordinary”, and is more impressionistic and abstract than representational’

We also have some of Ruth’s work in our sister gallery in Norwich city centre, Gallery in the Lanes.