Keith Nash is a professional watercolour artist living and working in Norfolk. His work is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, capturing the changing light and tones of the East Anglian landscape and marine environments.

In 1975, Keith’s career in environmental engineering brought him and his wife from the south of England to Norfolk, where they settled near Swaffham. The big skies and changing colours of the seasons soon led to a fascination with the Norfolk landscape, it’s unique light, and a desire to capture the moment in watercolours.

Taken by the big skies and changing colours and light of the seasons soon led to a fascination with the county’s landscape and coastal marshes. Work commitments took Keith back to Surrey in 1982, and, an admirer and collector of landscape watercolours, be began painting for pleasure around 8 years ago. His hobby soon became more serious, with galleries in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and London selling his work and staging exhibitions. Keith, who was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2004, last year decided to move back to his adopted Norfolk to further his interest in landscape, wildfowl and seascape painting.