Jan Dingle originally studied graphic design at Hornsey College of Art. She turned to etching almost by chance whilst searching for a creative outlet whilst growing up. Her family bought an old wooden Broads cruiser and Jan quickly combined her newfound love of cruising the Broads with the subjects of her etchings. Thirty years on, Jan is now based on the Broads in Thurne.

Jan’s artworks are conceived as etchings. At no stage is there a finished drawing or painting from which the design is taken. Indeed, Jan often starts an etching with half a dozen lines on a sheet of blank paper. Jan deliberately likes to build up the image as she goes along on the copper plates, using the ways the acid works on the metal to create some of the nuances of the image. Because Jan’s etchings are created in this way, they are called original prints and have nothing to do with prints that have been reproduced mechanically like photocopies or giclée prints etc. Etchings can only be prints and are usually produced in a limited edition as the plates are extremely intensive to make, often taking over 100 hours.

From brilliant basic training at Rochester Adult Education College, post-graduate at Walthamstow, to a commercial etching studio in Battersea, she eventually ended up in the back garden in all weathers and the large number of etchings you see today began. She feels the varied training she received contributed greatly to the individuality of her etchings.