Alex Egan is a British artist based in Norfolk. She is inspired by primarily by movement, light, colour, presence and subjects of beauty. Her body of work ranges from landscapes to both human and animal portraiture, utilising a wide range and mediums and styles.

Alex has a degree in Fine Art from Bristol and is an active member of the Norfolk-art-collective Group Eight who meet weekly to draw from life and exhibit regularly.

“The expressiveness of physical forms in motion, contortion, emotion and beautiful twists. I find it very difficult to capture any of these but I cannot resist the urge to try. The fleeting moments when I feel I do make the constant struggle completely worth it. Intimate and intricate drawings of trees, small in scale with the intention of increasing the size of the work through time. My car became my mobile studio, restricting and liberating in equal measures: restricting the size of my work and narrowing down the range of trees I could draw to those that I was able to park up in front of. Liberating in being able to keep warm during very cold winter days and thus enabling me to spend more time on the detailed drawings, while also giving me the ability to travel further in search of the right one.”