Riverside Art & Glass is proud to announce a three-week exhibition showcasing the work of prolific North Norfolk artist Kevin Turton.

A Retrospective of Reinventions and Relocations will run at Riverside Art & Glass from Friday 13 April to Thursday 3 May and will reveal how Kevin has been influenced by the three main areas where he has lived:

North Wales – In this part of the exhibition Kevin’s work medium is resin and acrylic on block – there will be some works for sale and others which are on loan from private collections

North Norfolk – In this part of the exhibition it will be noticeable that Kevin’s process of work has changed – his work medium is now acrylic pastes and gels on canvas. All the paintings in this section will be for sale and most will be showing for the first time

Gran Canaria – In this section you will find Kevin’s latest pieces – all are for sale and all are new and on view for the first time