Ruth Bunnewell A Broad Perspective Exhibition Wroxham Riverside Art and Glass

Riverside Art & Glass is proud to be hosting A Broad Perspective by Ruth Bunnewell. This solo exhibition will be running from 27 June to 18 July.

As part of this exhibition, Ruth will be giving an artist talk at the gallery on Saturday 29 June at 4 pm. This will be a unique opportunity to ask Ruth about her inspiring artworks. In the lead up to the exhibition Ruth has shared with us an insight into her arts practice and the root of her inspirations for this exhibition.

Ruth Bunnewell A Broad Perspective Exhibition Wroxham Riverside Art and Glass

Having grown up in Norwich, with the Norfolk broads on my doorstep, it is an area that I know well. Indeed one of my early memories is of visiting Ranworth broad during a particularly cold winter, and it being completely frozen, to such an extent that one could walk right across it. I think it is particular memories such as the one described, that draw me to paint particular landscapes. It is not simply the aesthetics of a place, but rather the memories and atmosphere contained within places.

Although having visited this area of Norfolk regularly, it has until recently not been a place that I have painted, and this exhibition has prompted me to re-explore the area. It is a part of Norfolk very unique and distinct, from other areas, and I find in it a still calm tranquillity. The area has a very different feel during early morning, or late evening, from the main part of the day, especially during summer months when the tourists visit. I am drawn to the beginning and end of the day as a subject to paint; as the landscape returns to it’s quiet emptiness.

Ruth Bunnewell A Broad Perspective Riverside Art and Glass Painting exhibition
I am particularly drawn to the areas of the broads that are slightly hidden, such as the smaller rivers that feed into the broads, or a corner of a broad where reeds are quietly swaying. And especially to the doubling of the landscape as what is above is reflected in the still water beneath.

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