Seven Sudbury Artists will be taking part in their first group exhibition at The Annexe at Riverside Art & Glass Gallery in Wroxham from 7 to 20 December 2017. The exhibition will showcase a unique display of contemporary glass art, ceramics, paintings, original prints, textiles and sculpture.

Show highlights will include the gossamer softness of Clare Kiely’s textiles, all spun, woven or felted by hand with fleece gathered from Norman, Clement and Fergus, her own home-reared alpacas!

There are breathtakingly soft pastels and delicate florals by Judith Glover, sensitive, abstract oil paintings and organic ceramics by Marnie Deakins and Rebecca Mansbridge’s skilfully crafted, fused glass artworks in bright, jewel-like colours.

Anne Townshend’s atmospheric landscape prints are inspired by the Suffolk countryside and Anna Boon’s work moves between graceful, often hauntingly introspective sculptures that explore the beauty of the human body and dynamically energetic paintings.

In contrast, Roger Duke’s graphic stoneware-fired vases and plaques inhabit a space somewhere between pottery and painting.